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Land Of The Rising Sun…..

Updated: May 1

Posted on February 11, 2013 at 3:34 PM

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

~ by Augustine of Hippo

Take a trip with me to the Land Of The Rising Sun.

Host to the Olympic Games in 1964 (summer) and 1972, 1998 (winter).

Tokyo, the current capital, is a thriving metropolis with skyscrapers, five star hotels, museums, one-stop-shopping, technological marvels, and trains that leave and arrive on schedule.

Kyoto, one of the ancient capitals, is filled with beautiful historic temples and shrines. You can stay in a traditional hotel, complete with tatami mats, peaceful rock gardens, and rice paper sliding doors. The pace here is much slower and relaxed.

Hiroshima, a place where time seemingly stands still. There you will see the empty shells of buildings and the only tree to remain standing, after the atom bomb’s impact.

Nagoya, the 4 most populated city in Japan, is home of many of their car manufactures; it is their Detroit. There are also many famous castles and shrines.

Yokohama, home to the tallest in land lighthouse, the Tokyo Tower (shaped like the Eiffel Tower) and the world’s “biggest Clock” (which happens to be a ferries wheel)

Japan is a place where ancient culture and modern technology live side by side in perfect unity. The streets are clean (no litter) and crime is very low. No matter where you go, you are greeted by friendly people, unbelievable creativity, and amazing cuisine.

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